Thursday, March 03, 2011

Joey the Rat was late

Just for giggles, because I've found a similarly twisted soul at work, I established "Blasphemy Wednesday" last week, as an opportunity to tell jokes that... well, that my boss probably wouldn't appreciate.

So, today, on Thursday, I find out that "irony" has been, once again, defined. This time, the pope has written a book where, it turns out, he's determined that the Jews aren't responsible for the death of Jesus.

Now, to begin with, the former Hitler Youth declared that Jews are innocent after all? And I learn this on a Thursday? Where the hell was this info on Wednesday when I needed it?

Past this, let me just point out the words of Max Canning over on Inebriated Discourse. Having pointed out that, in order for Christianity to exist, Jesus pretty much had to die, he throws in a little logic (always a mistake with religion, but still...):
Given the terms of this odious quid pro quo, the Jews—far from being villains in this sordid story—were crucially necessary players in god’s Divine Plan of human sacrifice and vicarious salvation. Without the Jewish elders’ entreaties to Pilate to persecute Jesus of Nazareth, the crucifixion does not happen, the sacrifice does not happen, and the salvation does not happen. Without this atrocious occurrence, there is no everlasting life, only darkness. The Jews are therefore heroes, deemed by god as such, who carried out this dastardly deed as foreordained by god himself. They were merely acting as the instruments of god, who knew damn well what was going to happen when he impregnated Mary, while poor Joseph was left to wonder whether his wife had been sleeping around on him.

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