Saturday, March 19, 2011

Icky Sticky - JGeek and the Geeks

There's a Maori electro-pop subculture? Who knew?

Actually, they look slightly like the reincarnation of Adam and the Ants.

(Except that it would appear that Adam Ant is still alive! Again, who knew?)

I've got to say, "I've got some icky sticky love to give/when you're licking up my face" is approaching the Eeeww Threshold, but manages to avoid it. Mostly.

This is actually the second song released by JGeek and the Geeks, fronted by former TV presenter, Jermaine Leef. Their previous song, "Maori Boy," made it to #33 on the RIANZ (Recording Industry Association of New Zealand) charts. Strictly on the strength of a single and a video only available via download.

Much of the music industry doesn't want to adapt to the "digital age." Maybe they need to consider newer business models.

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