The Dungeon

You know, I like to think that I'm a fairly open-minded guy. I can accept that people have different viewpoints, but I also reserve the right to tell you when you're being an idiot, and why.

That being said, there are two three people who don't get to post here any more.

One is Eric Graff, the self-styled "eMan." Our encounters are all documented here. The man just got creepy and weird - what can you say about an evangelical Christian who writes about his pornographic fantasies of you and your wife? He's gone, as I've said before, because he became obsessed with me and I don't want to feed said obsession.

And despite everything, he keeps sticking his head back in and screaming incoherently. Like posting idiotic threats from 1300 miles away (that would be the distance from Albuquerque to his home in Elkhorn, Wisconsin - he's a brave man at that distance), or trying to post the same message 21 times, with minor changes in the last four versions. (All 21 tries are misspelled, of course: I suspect he was homeschooled).

The second person you won't see here was known by many names, but primarily "Pat Riot" and "Uncle Slam." Now, he's another story entirely. He wasn't banned for being creepy (although he is - more on that later), but because he decided that racism was a valid viewpoint. When he posted a response talking about "coons" and "porch monkeys" not being as intelligent as us white folks, he was gone. Simple as that.

(Sadly, I deleted the post because he pissed me off. I really should have taken a screenshot. Ah, well. Live and learn.)

Now, Patsy is pretty easy to understand. He's a small-minded bigot, sitting in a basement somewhere, typing out heckling comments with his Cheeto-stained fingers, without really knowing what he's talking about. But he does have his creepy aspect. For example, when I kicked him out, he started posting on Eric's blog. Mostly about me. (He, in fact, is the other player in the "let's write pornography about Bill" game which Eric decided would be a good way to show off his Christian beliefs.)

He also set up a web page, called You're Finally Here. With one post, reading "Welcome!" Yeah, that's not creepy at all...

But I did finally work it out. He's assuming that I'd be stalking him around the internet, because he's been stalking me. It's a textbook case of projection: since he's doing, he obviously decided that other people must do it too.

I discovered it here (where you only get to see the responses to my posts, incidentally - I was actually polite for once - just used the phrase "Ihre papieren, bitte," and the Old Vet got all testy). And Patsy showed up right away.

And if it was just the one time that he accidentally ran into me, that would be one thing. But he does it over and over, sometimes weeks later.

And he likes to make unsupported comments like "He lied about his military service" (uh, where was that, again?) and "I kicked his butt all over his blog" (really? I recall that on the rare occasions that he actually used supporting links, they usually made the case for my end of the argument).

So, simple rules. A racist and an obsessive - that's the kind of behavior that gets you booted. I don't even insist you play nice. Just don't get all weird and stalker-ish.

Update: Oh, and let's add Dennis Markuze (a.k.a. Dave Mabuse) to that list. Christ, don't explain who that unhinged fuck is, to anybody. He apparently googles his own name, and if you mention him, he tracks you down and tries posting full pages of lunatic ramblings, non sequiters, odd web addresses, and just general frothing. Wow. It's an experience.

Update the second: Here's the full skinny on DM, written shortly after he was arrested and forced to undergo psychiatric evaluation. (I wonder if that would do Graff any good...)