Thursday, April 15, 2010


I'm down to pretty much two games in Facebook. I still play Zoo World (which I got into mostly for the Trophy Wife), and Treasure Madness (although I've pretty well mastered the puzzles in that).

The Trophy Wife discovered that you can take those ads in the sidebar, and report them, to make them go away. Well, she did that today. It was an AARP insurance ad, asking "How do you know when your old enough?"

So she clicked on the ad and reported it. For one thing, she isn't old enough. But specifically, they used "your" instead of "you're."

Yes, the gay cruise lines don't bother either of us. But by god, the freakin' AARP should get their grammar right!

I don't block a lot of people, but there are a few who end up looking like that homeless guy on the corner, screaming at the sky and anybody who walks by. I don't understand some of these people, who post every detail of their pointless, wasted life on Facebook. "The sun is brite 2day! Im hot!" It's the same thing I don't understand about Twitter. Folks, nobody cares that your dog is so damned "kewt," especially if they've never seen your dog. Leave the useless comments inside your head. Or maybe say them to an uncaring room. Don't fill my wall with the minor, meaningless details of your life. And if something seems interesting enough to post, can you please figure out how to spell it? (Oh, and that caps-lock button? It's not doing you any favors.)

And finally, there's a guy on Facebook named Royal W.W. Donnelly, who was useful to have as a friend in Zoo World, for a while. He discovered a way around their rules, which allowed him to offer dozens of animals , instead of the one-per-day or whatever it is.

Well, he's done now. Gave up on it. He was overwhelmed with the Facebook messages:
Needy clingy people are annoying in a 1 on 1 scenario, can you imagine some 21,000 people crying every single minute because you're not doing what THEY want? I don't care if it's talking about sex, being nice to them, saying hi to them, giving them the spawn they want, helpin fix their computer, or just outright talking on your wall... I literally feel like deleting facebook completely because of the demands made on me daily.
He was annoyed at the close-minded and straight-laced people:
If you do not like the personality of the person who is doing everything they can to help you.. delete them, don't report them, just remove them.. I say fuck, if you don't like the word you shouldn't be on my wall.
And he is apparently extremely tired of the computer-illiterate.
6. Technical issues, while a lot of us major gamers are great with computers and obvious can fix most of your drama, remember if you called a tech, they'd charge you $60/hr.. and you expect us to do it for free. 99% of the time we're happy to do it, but sometimes you just gotta go google your problem and fix it yourself, I'm tired of drawn out emails trying to get the info I need only to find out you pushed the wrong button.

7. Virus's, be less moronic, if you see a link that says you get free something or another for the game your playing, and it's not part of the game itself, it's a virus. I have personally run months without any type of scanner and been fine, just don't click the shit.. However, if you're a moron, and you click it and get a virus here are some links for you.
So he's gone undercover into a new Facebook ID, to avoid the whiners and idiots. Oh, and he also posted:
go here.. look at the bottom left.. click donate.. send me 5 bucks and I'll add you to the new account.. (*shrug* why not people are click happy an don't read)
It's hard to argue with his reasons, really.

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