Saturday, October 24, 2009

Just take it like a man

If there's one issue that shows most clearly how completely twisted the American value system is, that issue would probably be homosexuality. Well, OK, homosexuality and race relations. Oh, and the weird fixation on pro football.

(OK, the pro football thing ties in with homosexuality. I mean, really: sweaty guys in tight pants running up and down a field? It doesn't take Sigmund Freud. And then they put on weird padding to look even more buff, and start hugging each other if they do something right, and start prancing around the end zone like a Rockette tweaking on crystal meth. And when it's all over, they go and take showers together. Any random NFL player probably handles more pipe than Joe the Plumber ever did.)

(Speaking of Joe the Plumber - a body-obsessed, head-shaving drama queen fixated on ensuring that he's the center of attention? Was he trying out for the Village People too? This guy's so far into the closet he's probably found those red strappy pumps that look so good with that sequined off-the-shoulder number he got for that trip to Fire Island...)

The wide availability of home video has had an impact on society (wow - was that a non sequiter or what? I think I'm suffering from whiplash...): the Rodney King affair highlighted the problem of police brutality in the LAPD, but also was the direct cause of the 1992 Los Angeles riots where more than 50 people lost their lives. And remember Derrion Albert getting beaten up last month? Suddenly, everybody got concerned over the violence in our schools.

Of course, the flipside to that is that when some white kid gets pounded on by a couple of black bullies up on a bus, cowardly drugged-out sacks of vomit like Rush Limbaugh tried to insist that, because we had a black president, the beating was Obama's fault.

But you have to forgive Rush - logic doesn't really apply to a man who calls for harsher penalties on drug abusers when he's popping oxycontin like Tic-tacs.

(The humor, of course, is found in the fact that it had already been shown that the attack wasn't racially motivated. But why pay attention to "facts"? In Rush's tiny little pilonoidal cyst of a brain, this whole incident was obviously a resurgence of the Mau Mau rebellion.)

However, the videotaped assault on Jack Price, a gay man from Queens, has one possible upside (aside from the fact that, with their faces and names prominently in the local media, the two wads of fuck who attacked him - Daniel Aleman and Daniel Rodriguez - will be spending the next several years getting traded for cigarettes throughout the New York penal system).

This particular assault is evidence that homosexuality is still a boil on the backside of America, and even in the opening decade of the 21st century, we haven't found the right way to lance it.

There is no reason that any American should be discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. This seems like a simple rule, but for some reason, it still causes controversy. The most commonly given reason for homophobia is religion, and most of that is due to misreadings, mistranslations and selective misuse of bible verses. Of course, even when you make an effort to show them why they're wrong, you're not going to change their tiny little minds.

Once in a while, you'll find somebody trying to claim that homosexuality is "unnatural." This, of course, ignores the wide range of homosexual behavior on view in the wild. ("A homosexual species would wipe itself out in one generation!" Well, there's still bonobos around, right? And trust me, they'll fuck anything.)

And with the rest of these losers, they gain their homophobia the old-fashioned way: they were raised to hate gays, much in the way that many people in the South have been raised to hate blacks, Jews, Yankees, and generally anybody who isn't a close relative (of course, with the inbreeding, that's a fairly large pool of people, at least in their neighborhood); these are people who hate gays because they're savage, knuckle-dragging homophobic subhumans who should be hauled out into the alley and beaten with 13-inch dildos until they bleed out their ears.

One of the weirdest quirks of the gay-haters is the fact that they can't seem to stop themselves from conflating consenting sexual practices between two adults, with forced intercourse with a non-consenting partner: bestiality (where Rick Santorum famously prefers german shepherds, John Cornyn apparently gets all hot and sweaty thinking about box turtles), pedophilia, necrophilia. Your average right-wing hater refuses to see a difference (probably because they tend to have suffered brain damage due to the genetic incompatibility of closely-related parents).

And when this rampant homophobia gets to attach itself to the already-present hatred of our first black president, you get a steaming cauldron of odiferous stupidity, just waiting for a chance to pour out all over everybody. For example, in the outcry over Obama hiring an openly homosexual man as head of the Education Department's Office of Safe and Drug Free Schools, people like Rep Steve King continues to try to link Jennings to NAMBLA, even though this claim has been so thoroughly debunked that even Fox "News" was forced to admit it. (And you know that had to cause Rupert Murdoch's bowels to clench up like a vise.)

The more recent news that Obama is revisiting "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is causing conservative brains to explode like a Palestinian at the Wailing Wall. And the GOP survivors are really hating the fact that they're going to have to keep that homo-rage bottled up - the new hate crimes bill is about to become law.

Trust me, folks, homosexuality is normal. Some people are into it, and some people aren't. You can try to suppress it, but it will still be around; and the harder you try, the more it will burst out in unexpected places (you know, like in airport bathrooms).


Eman said...

This is a prime grade “A” example of you pulling your “opinions” out of your rear end Bill. Joe the Plumber’s interview with Christianity Today is an honest interview with a man who just answers questions he was asked and you call him gay. Why? Because he was asked about homosexuality? That’s the premise you base your accusation that he is “so far into the closet he probably found those red strappy pumps that look so good with that sequined off-the-shoulder number he got for that trip to Fire Island.”

How dare you. This is the crap you sow. You libel this guy without cause or pause. What proof do you have he is gay Bill? Stay on the subject here. WHAT PROOF DO YOU HAVE JOE THE PLUMBER IS GAY BILL????????????????????

Diogenes said...

To be libel, Joe the Plumber's character has to be diminished. Suggesting that he's gay would not lower Joe's standing in the community, as his standing in the community is zero and it's not possible to lower him from that lofty perch.

Eman said...
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Nameless Cynic said...

Welcome back, Eric. And sounding just as unhinged and irony-challenged as ever.

First of all, it's been apparent for some time that you consider "gay" an insult, which is fascinating: you know, not everybody sees things through your amazingly myopic view of the world. Most of us accept people's sexual orientation as part of their personality. Do you also insult people based on eye color? Left-handedness?

Then again, I do appreciate you coming on to validate my primary premise: that homophobia is alive and well in America.

But let's see: you're concerned about my mention of your hero, Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher. Well, we know that he was willing to openly lie about Obama's tax plan, his own tax status, and what he did for a living. He's also a tax cheat. So, really, you can't take much of what he says at face value, can you?

Now, just based on the pictures of the man, he can't be shaving that big ol' pumpkin head because he thinks it looks good (unless he's legally blind, I suppose), so I have to assume that he's trying to stand out. And looking at those biceps, it's obvious that he works out. And he likes to wear his t-shirts a size too small so they stretch out and show off his manly physique.

So, what was it I said? "a body-obsessed, head-shaving drama queen fixated on ensuring that he's the center of attention" - are you noticing a pattern here? I mean, I didn't use the word "flamboyant," but I don't think it would be much of a stretch, do you?

Then he gets interviewed by Christianity Today, where, in response to a question about homosexuals, he said he would never let "queers" near his children.

Which, in a way, validates another of my arguments, if you think about it: he conflated homosexuality with pedophilia. So, you know, thanks for bringing all this up, Eric.

But why would he be so strident on the issue? He doesn't live in Vermont - how would a gay marriage law in another state even affect him? Well, for there to be strong feelings like that, it seems to me that he must be repressing something.

You know who he reminds me of, with the head and the muscles and the general attitude? Jeff Gannon. And we all know that Gannon was a top. So when Joe said that his homosexual friends "know where I stand," do you think he meant "behind them"?

Eman said...

Bill, saying someone is gay, when they are not, is insulting. Maybe not to you but it is to me. And I could care less what that makes you think about me.

Bill, this entire response you have made is conjecture, opinion, assumption and baseless in facts. First, all Joe did was ask a question of the candidate Obama. Obama’s answer was then made the hot issue while you and your liberal friends attacked this man because he asked a simple question. You went off on him like some kind of conspiracy lunatic for asking a question. Your ilk have attacked him from every angle without merit or cause. HE ASKED A QUESTION BILL… WHAT IS SO BAD ABOUT ASKING A QUESTION? Just because the “Messiah” looked bad because he gave an off the cuff answer and didn’t have his teleprompter does not make Joe gay.

A gay marriage law in Vermont affects us all Bill. We have opinions… You and I both have them. Is Joe wrong for honestly answering a question from the interviewer? To listen to you one would have to say yes. I don’t want gay people near my kids either. Why? Because it is deviant behavior in the eyes of most people and exposure of young minds to people who have such tendencies is something parents protect their kids from. Why? Because it’s what REAL parents should do. Parenting pays attention. If a parent wants his children to have morals, who the heck are you to tell them they are wrong?

Saying Joe is "a body-obsessed, head-shaving drama queen fixated on ensuring that he's the center of attention" is not for you to say or judge. Are we all supposed to be fat and not care about what we look like just to please you? If he wants to work out and look good for his wife and his life, that’s his business and not a reason or an inference to being gay. He’s married with children for God’s sake!! If he wants to shave his head, he can, or are you the hair police now too?

Tax cheat? Twenty two of Obama’s nominees for positions in government were tax cheats Bill. Who the heck can follow all these tax laws correctly when they change like the wind???? You ever cheat on your taxes Bill? ARE YOU SURE??? I know I should have amended my taxes a few times. Didn’t….

You libeled Joe Wurzelbacher here Bill. See, the thing is, I get to have an opinion too.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't someone being a "tax cheat" actually qualify him for treasury secretary in the current administration?

Pat Riot

Diogenes said...

It sounds like e-boy has a man-crush on a potentially closeted homosexual. What does that say about e-boy's orientation?

"Joe" has an ex-wife, by the way. Hmmmm.... wonder why she divorced him?

Anonymous said...

"It sounds like e-boy has a man-crush on a potentially closeted homosexual. What does that say about e-boy's orientation?

"Joe" has an ex-wife, by the way. Hmmmm.... wonder why she divorced him?"

Oh boy, diogofleas is back, and accusing someone of having a man-crush. This from a person who gets a finger in his eye everytime Aimless scratches his nutsack.

And why are you concerned with anyone's "orientation"? Who cares? Why are you and Aimless so hung up on people's sexual preferences? Are you closet fundamentalist Christians merely posing as Christophobes?

Why don't you do a little research on "Joe" and find out why he's divorced?

Pat Riot

Diogenes said...

He allegedly beat his wife, is what I saw. But, to be honest, I don't really have the time nor the inclination to study Joe Plumb Bob in any great detail. he's insignificant except to those who find Sister Sarah an incredibly talented, savvy, and intelligent political savior.

Nameless Cynic said...

Yes, Eman is back. (Did I mention "irony-challenged"?) You'll excuse me if I skip around a little bit.

See, the thing is, I get to have an opinion too.

Yes, you do. You'll notice that I'm letting you express it. Just for fun, though, yesterday, when I noticed you responded, I wandered over to your blog. Answered your little challenge "when was our military at it's worst?" I suggested Abu Ghraib. Weird how your suddenly-moderated blog doesn't reflect that entry.

Used enough hypocrisy there, Butch?

Oh, and your little straw-man argument - "the military was bad when liberals instituted a draft!" - uh, dude? The draft started during WWII and ran through 1973. You realize that we won WWII, right? And you're saying that the military, for the middle 30 years of the 20th Century, sucked the entire time? Korea? All the lesser engagements - Formosa, Egypt, Lebanon, China, the Cuban Missile Crisis? All the rest of them?

Why do you hate our military, Eric?

But enough about you and your unpatriotic ways. Let's talk about Joe the non-Plumber.

If he wants to work out and look good for his wife... that’s his business and not a reason or an inference to being gay. He’s married with children for God’s sake!

Well, no. See, you've gone and made me learn more about our boy Joey. And he doesn't come off well.

For one thing, he's not married. He's twice-divorced - a serial wife-beater. And 12 separate girlfriends have filed complaints of violence, too.

Christ, Eric, the man can't keep "the queers" away from his kids: he's probably not allowed near them unsupervised himself.


(You know, I've recently talked about people who feel all loud and shouty when they discover the caps-lock...)

He's allowed to ask questions, Eric. But the corollary to "Question Authority" is "When authority answers, listen for a minute."

Now, what Joey Pipes asked was "I'm getting ready to buy a company that makes 250 to 280 thousand dollars a year." (A lie, incidentally.) "Your new tax plan's going to tax me more, isn't it?"

Obama responded "If you're a small business, which you would qualify, first of all, you would get a 50 percent tax credit so you'd get a cut in taxes for your health care costs. So you would actually get a tax cut on that part. If your revenue is above 250, then from 250 down, your taxes are going to stay the same. It is true that, say for 250 up — from 250 to 300 or so, so for that additional amount, you’d go from 36 to 39 percent, which is what it was under Bill Clinton."

So he'd pay 3% more on his business tax, but get a tax cut for his health-care costs.

I'm sorry that Joey wasn't smart enough to figure that out, Eric. I really am. But the question got answered, clearly and concisely. Without a teleprompter. And despite that, Joe the Closeted became a national symbol of the McCain campaign, mentioned repeatedly by McCain at the debates, and then appearing with the archaic Republican at every whistlestop they made.

That's why the bloggers started going after him, E. Because he became the perfect symbol for the campaign of Palin/Codger - a public figure with no answers and no real clue.

saying someone is gay, when they are not, is insulting... And I could care less what that makes you think about me

You mean "small-minded, un-self-aware, confidence-free homophobe"? Well, it's good that doesn't bother you.

A gay marriage law in Vermont affects us all

How? Name one way. Is your marriage going to be challenged by two men getting married? Is your marriage actually that weak? Are you going to look at them, look at your wife, and think to yourself "I settled for a woman when I could've..."?

(Be careful how you answer, Eric. After all, I'm not the one running a website called Swish...)

Diogenes said...

NC, you just don't seem to get it. When the e-boy asks a question, there is only one acceptable answer in his mind -- his own answer. Anybody else is wrong, even when e-boy slips and acknowledges that they're right.

I have high school sophomores on my Mock trial team who know better than to ask the kinds of questions, or provide the kind of answers, that the e-boy asks and answers. It's just a sign of either intellectual laziness or deficiency.

Anonymous said...

Yet another instance of Aimless putting his ignorance on full display. Why do you assert that it is pro football which ties with homosexuality? Do college football or high school football not tie in with your longings of guy on guy action?

As is customary, you ignorantly lash out at that which you do not understand. Perhaps when you were in high school you were beaten up by a football player (a junior high football player, at that)? I would have guessed you had been beaten up by a football player in college, but you didn't attend college, did you?

As far as sweaty guys running up and down a field: the game is designed to be played that way. It's part of the strategy. Perhaps you're just not intelligent enough to follow along. Or perhaps you're unaccustomed to physical exertion. I can understand you being a little flustered over the tight pants: See, the tighter the clothing, the less likely of an injury (very important in full-contact activities). Also, it's more difficult for an opposing player to grab and hold onto tight pants. The "weird" padding is actually a necessity, and serves to limit injuries. It has nothing to do with looking "even more buff" (not trying to diminish any fantasies you might have, just pointing out the practicality of "weird" padding).

What's wrong with hugging if "they do something right."? What should they do? I can agree somewhat about the prancing in the endzone, that gets a bit over the top.

And yes, the players do take showers together (big surprise you brought this up. A great deal of your posts tend to deal with repressed sexuality...and that's ok, just pointing out that it makes reading your column even more tedious). See, after getting sweaty, it's customary to bathe...and in the spirit of saving the planet and using water more effectively, isn't group showering a bit more sensible? And mind you, it's not just NFL, high school, junior high...even other team sports like volleyball and track and field (and dozens of others) take showers together. It's not necessarily a reflection of someone's sexuality (as much as you might like it to be...and, like always, that's ok if you like to dwell on those things).

Pat Riot

Anonymous said...

Not sure where you come up with the reasoning to state "Any random NFL player probably handles more pipe than Joe the Plumber ever did."

That's an odd statement (and I realize you were really reaching for a transition, it's quite common for those of limited intellect). Is this kind of like that sad attempt you made a few weeks back when you said you'd been married much longer than the average Republican senator and I asked where you got the statistics and you had to admit you had no proof of any such figures being recorded and thereby didn't know what you were talking about? Or, more recently, when you make outlandish accusations about the residents of certain states and have absolutely no evidence to support your claims. You seem to do a great deal of that and it really diminishes your already diminished credibility.

I'm trying to help you become a more effective communicator, and perhaps, even a little more open minded.

Pat Riot

Nameless Cynic said...

Hey, Pat. How's things. I realize that you're just trying to sound like you know what you're talking about with that fake superiority that you (this particular version of you, anyway) like to affect. But really, maybe you should've looked into this a little. (Admittedly, it's not like when one of you Pats likes to post links that say exactly the opposite of your argument, but still...)

Suffer In Silence
It is true: A number of professional athletes—some of them household names—are gay. (Does this surprise you?) But that is not the big story. The big story is that homophobia in the deified, money-soaked world of male pro team sports is so rampant it is a matter of course. "Athletics is the backbone of male machismo," Texas Rangers third baseman Todd Zeile told the Miami Herald in July. "Overt homosexuality nis not accepted in this arena, not even in 1998."

Agent Leigh Steinberg, who represents some of the biggest names in professional sports including Steve Young and Troy Aikman, says the consequences of an athlete coming out are career-threatening. "Frankly, I think it would be easier for me to place a quarterback on a professional team who has been arrested and served time for armed robbery than an openly gay quarterback," he tells me.

The problem is so pervasive that even in sports’ highest echelons, no one is willing to apologize, much less speak out.

Because the athletes themselves can't be honest about it.

Gender and Sports
At the end of the 20th century, there was greater tolerance of homosexuality in many nations; however, homosexuality remained taboo in the sporting world. While a handful of elite athletes such as diver Greg Louganis and tennis star Martina Navratilova have "come out of the closet,” homosexuality among professional athletes remains largely unknown and hidden. Women’s sports in particular have struggled with issues of sexuality. Basketball and softball, for example, have been portrayed in popular culture as a haven for lesbians, which to some degree they have been. To combat this stereotype, which has damaged efforts to increase wider participation and greater spectator interest, conventional feminine ideals have been stressed in the marketing of women’s sports.

The public is also generally opposed to professional atheletes admitting that they're gay, and many of the gays in pro sports are as deeply closeted as Joey the Pipe Snaker. is not unusual for individuals who exhibit characteristics of latent homosexuality often find themselves drawn to ultra-masculine professions, such as policeman and fireman; to name a few. Many professional sports also serve as a magnet for latent homosexuals, especially the more violent and aggressive sports.

So, while I know you want to sound like you know what you're talking about... sorry, dude, you're letting your ignorance show.

Anonymous said...

Uh, dude (love it when the debate gets, you answered none of my questions. And that's ok, you're either unwilling or ignorant.

Since you enjoy spending so much time speculating on other's possible homosexuality, do you and your son have any plans tonight? You know, anything like attending another macho, buff G.I. Joe type of movie together?

Pat Riot

Nameless Cynic said...

Nope. Staying in with the wife. But thanks for asking.

Steven K said...

Hi NC, loved your "Swish" comment to the Eboy; that's gonna leave a mark! Oh, and BTW, your stalker pal Patsy has been out puking on your Alan Grayson and "Something could be finer" threads, so you might want to do a little janitorial work there. Just so you know.

Peace out, and Happy Halloween!


Paul Ellis said...

Pat Riot,
Its weird, but it looks like while you don't think he answered any of your qauestions, he answered what you were really asking. Your theme, if you will.

I mean, its just a thought, but maybe your questions were answered after all?

Eman said...

These two (Bill and Diogenes) never actually answer questions here. These “Actuality Challenged” insulters of real intelligence can’t keep on subject. WAAAY too much AADD in here for me. Look back at any and all posts: Do you ever see Diogenes saying he was wrong, or misspelled or was sorry for ANYTHING? No…Why? He’s perfect. Move over Jesus, here comes Diogenes. And Bill is just….Short… In so many ways.

There comes a time when the circus is just not fun anymore. I’ve grown tired of debating fools. Maybe I’ll come back after your whipping in 2010 and say I told you so. You two belong together and who am I to stand in the way of the mutually intellectually challenged.

Nameless Cynic said...

* sigh *

If only it were so. But he'll be back. He always is.

("AADD?" Active Attention Deficit Disorder?)

Anonymous said...

Oh nice. In your campaign to proclaim pro athletes as latent homosexuals, you post a link to an article that's eleven years old (by a guy named "Julian" no less...that's a fag name if there ever was one). Anyway, since Julie's article, which asserts many pro athletes are homosexual, how many have been identified as peter pumpers?

Then your next link is to an article by some quack who states that homos are drawn to "ultra-masculine professions, such as policeman and fireman; to name a few." Yeah, I'm sure most men who enter public service don't do it on the basis of serving the community or the excitement and rewards of performing such vital life and property saving duties. They just like it for the chance to slide down poles and practice frisking. With all do respect to "Dr." Bill Smith, his "research" (which apparenlty wasn't documented, just theorized) is...pardon the term: queer (meaning strange, not in any way refering to fags).

Pat Riot

Anonymous said...

And just what is it with libtards and Joe the Plumber? They just can't stop the personal attacks. Glad the host of this blog doesn't resort to that sort of thing.

Anyway...the leftoids are still seething over the fact that Joe had the nerve to ask the current President a tough question. One in which Chimpy's first response involved the phrase "spread the wealth around". Well, now that he's in office, his policies are spreading the poverty around, we'll give him half-credit for that one.

Isn't it funny to see the mongoloids on the left scream "TAX CHEAT" at Joe, while Timothy (oh, I didn't know about those...they must've slipped my was an honest mistake) Geithner "overlooks" paying several thousands of dollars in taxes. Irony at it's finest.

What exactly did Joe lie about, Aimless? He didn't lie about a stimulus program that was going to keep unemployment below eight percent, was it?

Aimless, you provide in rather disturbing detail, an image of a man in "red strappy pumps that look so good with that sequined off-the-shoulder number", and "a body-obsessed, head-shaving drama queen", and by far my favorite: "And looking at those biceps, it's obvious that he works out. And he likes to wear his t-shirts a size too small so they stretch out and show off his manly physique."

You really have it bad for this guy, don't you? It's fascinating the way you linger on men's physique's and their personal appearances. It's a bit shallow, but very telling about you.

Pat Riot

Anonymous said...

Oh, and by the way, another glaring historical mistake on your part: "The draft started during WWII and ran through 1973."

Um, are only 80 years off. The draft was enacted during the Civil War (first by the Confederacy, due to manpower shortages), and the following year by the Union. The Union even had big draft riots in NYC (I believe in July of 1863, but my dates might be off). It made all the papers.

Regarding Joe the Plumber being a "serial wife-beater", Diogofleas says he "allegedly beat his wife". You two should get together on your story before coming here. I googled Joe the Plumber wife beater, but could only find links to a couple of wacky (Kos type) websites. Nothing on the news wires. But, since he has something like 12 former girlfriends (how did he find time to beat his ex-wives and 12 girlfriends and still be a queer, is what I'd like to know????) filing complaints, why don't you post evidence of those for us, please?

Oh, and please, for God's some history books. Your limp-wristed (not a slur against fags, just a statement of weakness) grasp of history is appalling (although not surprising).

Pat Riot

Diogenes said...

Pat, you might want to check in with your alter ego, e-boy. I told him all about the Civil Wr draft riots, and he labelled me as being a liar.

Nameless Cynic said...

Sorry, Pat. You don't get to discriminate against someone just because they make you feel icky.

You're upset because one article was 11 years old? You really think things have changed in a decade?

since Julie's article, which asserts many pro athletes are homosexual, how many have been identified as peter pumpers?

(Huh, he makes fun because it's a "fag name" - imagine that. Definite repression there.)

Did you even read the articles? The whole point there was that athletes don't come out, because then they don't have a career.

Gee, are there gay atheletes? Do your own research. Just because you haven't heard about it doesn't mean I need to teach you.

Go. Read. You'll be surprised what you might learn.

You have a mancrush on Joey Pipes too? What is it with you wingnuts?

First, it wasn't a tough question Little Joe asked - Obama answered it easily. Only the right-wing media tried to make Obama appear to have problems with it.

What exactly did Joe lie about

Well, I thought it was obvious in context, but I guess you don't read too good, huh? Right in the question, "I'm getting ready to buy a company..." If he was, he hadn't made any efforts to start the process, didn't have the available capital, didn't have the licenses, wasn't more than an apprentice himself, and hasn't done anything about it since.

Anybody with half a brain can figure out that he was most likely a plant - he had no reason to ask a question based on a scenario that only existed in his head.

(Of course, once you start drawing lines from Joey to Charles Keating, other solutions present themselves - I have no answers here, only more questions...)

For that matter, the other details about Joey just don't hold up to any kind of scrutiny, either.

It's fascinating the way you linger on men's physique's and their personal appearances.

Ah, there it is. The gay innuendo. Sad. Lazy debating tactic, too. In case you're curious, I'm very much in touch with my feminine side. I've even been known to touch it inappropriately - I just can't help myself sometimes.

Now, regarding Joe the Abuser, that stuff was all over the blogs (decent summary here, but, see, the problem with just discounting that is that you aren't paying attention to something we call the public record. (I'll leave you to look up the rest yourself - I don't have time to do all your research for you.)

Speaking of needing to read a history book, maybe you should check those google links a little harder before you decide to use them as fact. Yes, there was a draft during the Civil War. There was also conscription in the Roman army. What's your point? After the Civil War ended, so did the draft.

Then there was the Conscription Act of 1917 (let me help you out a little here - that would be WWI) - there's some ugly stories around that one, too. But it also ended.

Then, prior to WWII, Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service Act (STSA) of 1940. It was the first (nominally) peacetime draft in US history. When that expired, the Selective Service Act of 1948 was enacted, and it ran steadily (with reauthorization and tweaking) through the Sixties.

Nixon campaigned on a promise to end the draft (part of the logic being that rich kids would stop protesting the Vietnam War if they weren't in danger of going). He didn't do anything about it until after the Gates Commission report, and it was finally ended at the end of US ground participation in Nam, in 1973.

(Then there was a new Selective Service in 1980, but that's outside the context of our little conversation here.)

You know, when you're trying to pretend like you know about something, it's best to do at least a little research. That way, when you're trying to act superior, you don't come off as a total idiot.

Diogenes said...

Don't confuse them too much, NC. they probably didn't realize there was a world war before WWII.

Nameless Cynic said...

Huh. Doing the cockroach thing again. Incidentally, that last comment? Yeah, had to die. "Coon" or "porch monkey" comments get to go away.

And if you keep up that racist, inbred crap, that kind of thing will get us to "signed-in only." You useless, mindless, bigoted wad of douche.