Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Let's check in on Michelle Malkin

So, here's what we have.

On October 20, 1970, Michelle Maglalang was born to Filipino parents in the United States on a work visa (a fact that her official bio is strangely silent about, although you can find it mentioned in passing at other sites). She married college sweetheart Jesse Malkin (who some have accused of being her puppet-master/co-writer, or at least the source of her political leanings), and began writing under the name (you guessed it) Michelle Malkin.

She recently made some statements critical of "anchor babies" - babies that foreign nationals have in the United States, which those damned brown people (or as she calls them, "obstetric tourists") use to gain American citizenship. A scenario which sounds strangely like her own biography.

The General, in another brilliant letter, called her on this apparent hypocrisy. Somehow, I doubt that she'll reply to him.

Hell, she never sent me an answer. Not that I'm bitter or anything.

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