Sunday, June 04, 2006

Absentee Blogger

Haven't posted for two weeks or so. Major plumbing work in my house, and didn't have the time. Sorry for those (two) of you who are actually reading my babblings.

Here's some thoughts on home repair for you:
1. Every job takes three times as long as you allow for it. Even if you budget for three times as long, you've then moved the end date up three times farther into the future.

2. Just when you think you've got a handle on fixing one problem, something else breaks.
2(a). If you think that you've got a handle on fixing one problem, you don't know the whole story.
2(b). Oh, yeah, and by the way. That other thing? It's still gonna break.
3. Pain is God's way of saying that you're doing it right.
3(a). Except when it isn't.
4. You didn't need that knuckle, did you?

5. Hear that grinding noise? That's gonna cost you. Feel free to switch out "dripping," "whining," "snapping," or "crackling." Or no noise at all.

6. You know that wall board you just ripped out? Four choices.
6(a). You didn't rip out enough.
6(b). You ripped out wa-aaay too much.
6(c). You ripped out entirely the wrong one.
6(d). Hey, check out the new problem you just found!
7. "Uh, honey? Did you remember to pay the homeowner's insurance?"

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