Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It's just a thought.

What can you say about a man who holds down weaker students and cuts their hair off? Is it just schoolboy pranks, or evidence of a something else?

"Impersonating a police officer," incidentally, is only a misdemeanor. But why would somebody do that? Do they just like having power over other people?

What kind of person would think it's funny to have kids smell a dish of butter and then push their faces into it? And then do it again, years later, on their grandchildren?

What does it say about somebody who'd strap a dog in a carrier on the roof of a car? Is that animal abuse? (By the way, it's interesting that somebody might claim that the carrier was air-tight. Even assuming that the dog could breath, it obviously wasn't fecal-tight...)

What kind of person "likes to be able to fire people"?

I'm not suggesting that such a person would be anything more than a bully. But it might be enlightening to dig around the grounds of the Romney family home in Michigan. You know, just to see how many small animals have been buried there over the last 65 years or so.

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(O)CT(O)PUS said...

An off topic comment ...

Earlier today, my kids told me to go stuff it, so I am off to the kitchen now with 2 boxes of Stove Top.

I am now the center of gravity for my family – the one around whom everyone congregates (and sometimes aggravates) – so tomorrow I will be flinging the bird (sliced turkey) to everyone.

If a very large bird appears at your window on Thanksgiving Day, have no fear. Its probably a peeping tom. Happy Thanksgiving.