Saturday, June 30, 2012

Romney's Paycheck

More than any other in the history of the United States, this election is about money.

When I say that, your mind probably goes to the Citizens Unite ruling, where the Supreme Court determined that corporations and millionaires would have the ability to spend "limitless" amounts of money getting a pro-corporation candidate elected.

If you're slightly more radicalized (either to the right or to the left), that first sentence might have made you think of the Occupy movement (a.k.a., "the 99%"). But that isn't it, either.

Why do you think Mitt Romney is running for president? It's not like he needs the money: he isn't just in the "Top 1%" - best guesses at his personal net worth place him comfortably in the Top 0.001%.

For Mitt, it's strictly a business decision. He may not need more money, any more than he needs a car elevator installed in his La Jolla mansion. He just wants it.

That's why Mittens has set up a tax plan that is so heavily slanted in his favor that he would have paid almost $3 million less in taxes if his plan had been in effect in 2010.

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That's also why Mittens has been raising record amounts of money from his billionaire friends. If his tax plan passes, the amount that they'll make in the first year alone will usually offset whatever donation they've made. And every year after that is pure profit. Millions and millions of dollars in pure profit.

Because these greedy mother- fuckers don't give a damn about Americans starving in what is arguably the richest nation on earth. They don't care if people are dying in the streets, as long as the wine keeps flowing and the caviar is properly chilled.

The idea of a dystopian future for America doesn't bother them in the slightest, as long as they can have walled compounds and armed guards.

Mitt Romney could give up his presidential paycheck of $400,000 without even missing it. (He wouldn't, of course. The man would give blowjobs to vagrants if you paid him enough.) Because his plan, developed by his advisors, would earn him, at absolute minimum, more than seven times that every year. Which is pretty damned close to stealing money directly from the pockets of the American people.

Remember, it's only "class warfare" when the poor fight back. When the rich are metaphorically standing on the necks of the poor, when Ann Romney is saying "Let them eat cake" and installing car elevators in Versailles, that isn't class warfare. That's just business as usual.

Which is why Mitt Romney is running for president. It's just business.

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