Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Please Remove Your Wallet from Devvy's Vagina

OK, so I'm just going to throw in a cut from what may well be the perfect post from "Forever in Hell." Go read the whole thing. The woman's a poet.

This is Devvy. She is surprisingly calm for having everyone's wallet in her vagina.
In lobbying for defeat of a congressional plan that would cut off taxpayer support for the abortion business' leading player, (Planned Parenthood executive Cecile) Richards claimed: "If this bill ever becomes law, millions of women in this country are going to lose their health-care access ­ not to abortion services ­ to basic family planning, you know, mammograms." But Live Action workers who called 30 Planned Parenthood business locations across the nation said "every single one admitted they could not do mammograms."

I will never have a mammogram, but having one is a personal decision and expense. The Outlaw Congress has NO authority to steal the fruits of your labor to fund abortions or mammograms.
Devvy apparently wants to find out about her breast cancer when it's difficult to impossible to treat, because that's how she rolls. The rest of us, however, are not looking forward to radical mascetomies, radiation and chemotherapy.

Here's the thing Devvy, and I'm sure it's hard to listen to facts and logic with even one wallet in your vagina, let alone 300,000,000 wallets in your vagina, it is far cheaper to pay for cancer treatment in the earliest stages than in the later stages. And here's another thing: unless you want to cut off all health care access to the poor, which you probably do, eventually that person is going to end up in the ER and then they will run up an enormous bill everyone gets to pay for.

Would you, Devvy, find it to be a better idea to change your brakes when they start squeaking, or after you cause a ten car pileup on the highway? One costs, what, $250 max, the other hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions if you end up killing someone. Now, changing the brakes when they squeak is like giving out free pap smears. The ten car pileup is not giving out free pap smears and instead treating women with end stage cervical cancer in the ER.

Ignoring, of course, that "poor women should die preventable deaths so that my taxes can be 0.8% lower" is sociopathic and appalling on every level.


Just for fun, here's the wallet-vagina line:
Get my wallet out of your vagina because you have no constitutional right to steal the fruits of my husband's fixed retirement to pay for your abortion.
She's bitching that her husband's social security is being used to pay for abortions through Planned Parenthood. Now that is some performance art quality irony right there.

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Charlene said...

The fury I feel when this kind of person bitches about "those people" putting their hand in their pocket, isn't describable. This is the entire problem IMHO with the country. A person or family takes advantage of all the socially acceptible "gvmt programs" and doesn't think they should contribute to them if they are directed to the poor.

I could preach from the Bible so revered in lip service but won't. It's wrong to withhold help you can easily spare to save others.