Friday, January 14, 2011

I'm THIS many years old...

The other day, I went looking for something I'd written sometime back, and in thumbing through the archives, realized that today was the fifth anniversary of this blog.

I was, at the time, a frequent commenter on a blog called Hoffmania (Hoffman, a few years back, became disgusted with the country during the Bush years, and converted his blog to an internet radio station and a news aggregator, or in this case, Bloggregator).

There, I was "Mr. Bill" (originally "Sgt Bill," but then I retired); prior to that, under my current moniker, I was a contributor on a community-driven website called, which has recently declared its intention to close its doors too.

In fact, I first started using Nameless Cynic on a couple of old, long-gone BBS' (because I'm occasionally reminded how old I am). So, as it turns out, I am become Nameless Shiva, destroyer of websites. I stride through the internets, leaving only destruction in my wake.

Anyway, in my first post here, I bitched about the right wing making false equivalences, which was a thing I used to do years ago, when I was still young and angry.

And while one of the two specific examples I chose, Michelle Malkin, is, if anything, an even bigger bile-spewing harpy, it turns out that the other object of my derision is still limping along on his private Road to Perdition.

His latest posts include a story of a woman masturbating on a train, which he pulled from the German web-equivalent of the New York Post. He declares that this behavior is "THE DIRECT RESULT OF THE GODLESSNESS POSTMODERNISM (sic)" (yes, he now types everything in all caps), and it's apparently the end of civilization as we know it.

Of course, while she is a Harbinger of Doom, the Tucson gunman Loughner, two posts later, is just a random loon. No irony there.

Recycled talking points, all caps, jacked-up code in the header; it's just not pretty. I'd pick on him, but, you know, fish. Barrels. Bad.

So anyway, happy anniversary, y'all.


Octopus said...

Congratulations on reaching number five. I can't decide whether that makes you very young or very old, but I certainly would never accuse you of being a Blog Shiva. Now, I see you've made a good start on number six...

Octopus said...

BTW, about the woman on the train. According to the report, she was bound for Bad Kissingen.

(Never mind)