Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Happy to be a zombie follower in service to a Higher Cause

OK, so there's this guy named Robert Lanza, MD. He got a little cranky because some people pointed out that he's a weird guy with odd ideas about the afterlife and, well, the afterlife. Oh, and life in general. And Lanza has demanded that ScienceBlogs (still reeling from their recent Pepsi difficulties) have to take down some posts that point out why he's an idiot.

Well, the more times these posts are linked, the more Google will return them on a search for "Robert Lanza" (especially if it includes words like "crackpot," or Huffington Post, or "New Age moron." Or idiocy, woo, stupidity, pinhead, "bad science" or fuckhead).

Or at least, that's the theory.

So here you go.

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Nance said...

As our accustomed way of life is crushed under the weight of overpopulation, threat of limited resources, likely irreversible damage to the planet, and global economic stress (all predictable and predicted by scientists), the Woo-Woo moans louder and the Crazy becomes commonplace. Merely a sign of the times, but highly entertaining, too. Shame on us for having this much fun!