Saturday, July 10, 2010

Been a busy week

Things just pile up sometimes.

I'm in charge of putting together thirteen medical staff meetings, on schedules ranging from twice a year (one of them), quarterly (two of them), every other month (five of them) and monthly (the last five). So why don't we put the one with the most involved set-up on a short week? That will make things fun, won't it?

So, you add to that the fact that the Trophy Wife and Last Son are assistant music director and lighting/sound tech/grip/general-guy-getting-electrocuted-jobs on the Opera Unlimited Outreach production of the Mikado (last performance tonight), and it's been a hell of a week.

Plus, I've been spending a lot of time on a blog called Debunking Atheists, which, to be honest, doesn't do a good job of it (in case you weren't aware, atheists are immoral and Satanists (despite the unreasonable premise that you can believe in Satan, but not God), oil is produced by the earth (as opposed to being rotting dinosaur parts under pressure), and the Shroud of Turin is not a 14th century fraud).

So, instead of posting anything of note, I'll just point out something that I was unaware of: Steampunk Star Wars seems weirdly popular.

Admittedly, some versions... better than others.

But they all show an unreasonable amount of work that has been put into this odd little hobby.

Well, it probably keeps them busy and off the streets. Which may be a very good thing...

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