Monday, December 14, 2009

Friends don't let friends post drunk

OK, so I think that my mind is now blown. Here's where I am at the moment.

I started moderating comments a few weeks ago, because Uncle Slam (or Pat Riot, or whatever incarnation you might choose) started to get racist and ignorant; I threw it up for a vote, and the couple of commenters who weighed in said to vote him off the island.

OK, fine. I'm there. Since then, he's been weighing in several times a week, and I've taken to just deleting him without looking. No problem, that's the way blogspot does it.

But, just last night, I get a comment from the ever-entertaining Eric Graff (eMan), where he says:
You say I should try it… venting as you just did Bill, so here goes.

You may be wondering why I took aim at Diogenes recently. He said things about my mother and about me after I had told people on my blog that my mother was near death. The things he said were vile and filled with hate. He commented repeatedly and I was pushed to anger, and I said some things I now regret. Diogenes never regrets anything. He has taken back none of his terrible remarks. I just read how you even wonder why he spends time on my blog. He does so to spread his detestation and ire at me.

I had a little fun with your words in one of my posts but it was in jest and if you have no humor in your life then you obviously would be prone to taking it personally and incorrectly. I’m not easily offended. Diogenes is an exception. He attacked my mother and me personally and repeatedly when I was vulnerable and deeply hurt by his words.

If Diogenes continues this, I cannot be responsible for what happens: He will have brought my anger and rage on himself. Each instance I have posted is in RESPONSE to him, not vice versa. The strange thing is he posts anonymously and not under the Diogenes name, but I know it’s him because my live feed tells me his IP address each time he is there and the time corresponds with his comments.

I realize you have no control over him, but he is making you look bad by association. Your ways and thoughts are 180 degrees out of phase with mine. That’s just the way it is. But you don’t do what he does either. Not even close. And to be associated with one like him is at the least damaging and at most, alarming to anyone who knows you.

If he continues I will find him. My pursuit will be relentless and painful. I am in no way making fun or kidding you: If he continues it will happen. And when found I will exact the pain on him X 10. You are asked here to do what you can to get him to stop. I do this because what he is doing and the things he has said have cause another great pain and anguish. If you are decent, you will do this. If not, then I shall do what I need to do with prejudice.

Post this if you wish, I don’t care. You are human, as am I. What this person is doing, is not.
Um... wow...

OK. Let me get this straight... I'm being asked to be the adult in the room?

What the fuck?!?!?!

OK, here. Let's see...

Diogenes, please don't fuck with Eric any more. It's like being in the Special Olympics. Maybe you win, but still...

Crap, I can't do this. This is just stupid.

Dio, go ahead. Fuck with him all you want. Assuming he's got some live feed tracker on you, he'll get about a ten-mile by ten-mile area where you might be, assuming that your internet server is placing you properly, as opposed to reading you wherever the fuck it wants, like most of them do. (And if you're on one of the major all-inclusive servers, like AOL or Compuserve, you'll be listed as being in the nearest hub, which could be hundreds of miles away.)

And Eric, grow the fuck up. There's no reason to even open his comments, much less get your panties all knotted up about it. "Uncle Slam" still throws comments my way, and they just go into the trash unread.

Speaking of Slammy, at least a couple of weeks ago - last time I went by your site - he was a regular poster for you. I've got somebody who hurt your tender feelings posting here, you've got a racist homophobe posting on yours. You're judged by the company you keep, Eric.

Oh, plus, your words are all out in the open, big fella. Threats, especially against somebody you have no way to find, are stupid. Even if you could find him, anything you did is now tagged "malice aforethought." Christ, but you aren't a bright man, are you?

("My pursuit will be relentless and painful"? Really? You're going to go barefoot over broken glass or something?)

So, what would Jesus do?

Update (12/16/09): I'm sorry. I wasn't clear enough.

Eric, I have no control or influence on Diogenes. He posts responses here, and I've never had a problem with him. I'm done with you and your weirdly failing mental state, though. I would suggest that you get some counseling to deal with this odd concatentation of neuroses and phobias that afflict you, but you probably can't afford that particularly intensive level of psychological help. And since you're opposed to health care (after all, Lazarus and the lepers did all right without government intervention, right?), I guess you're just duty-bound to end up chained in the basement gibbering and crying in a pool of your own waste.

Shoo, now. Go away. I'm going to go back to ignoring you.

1 comment:

Diogenes said...

Dang, this e-boy is a freak...

He's absolutely delusional in this thing with his mom, and the human side of me feels badly for even him if his mom is that bad off. I lost my mom 10 years ago, and my dad 6 years ago. It's not pleasant. But we all go through it. And, luckily I guess, I never went through the delusional stage this guy is.

He's got this whole fantasy world built up in his skull. You're right, the schmuck needs some professional help. And the thought that he's some sort of "preacher" giving life advice to other is even scarier.

Sorry to somehow drag you into this nonsense. I guess if it wasn't for the fact that you, somewhat obviously, control my every thought and action, you'd just sit back and laugh at it all.

I know I do. :-)

"...and to all, a good night!"